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Update: Spotlight School Success

By Staff Writter

Update: Spotlight School Success

Girls in STEM


Since electing Liberty Elementary School as our Spotlight School, we have come to adore the Liberty family more and more each day.  The teachers and staff at Liberty have fully embraced the beauty of STEM education and have enthusiastically joined us in our mission to enhance STEM curriculum by incorporating meaningful and engaging 3D printing opportunities into classroom learning.

From the very beginning, Nichole Thomas, Liberty Elementary School's technical resource teacher, has proven to be an invaluable partner and amazing friend.  Over the past few months, Ms. Thomas has served as our tour guide, educational coach, technical support, and inspiration!  We admire Ms. Thomas for all that she has already accomplished in the 2015-2016 school, and we would like to congratulate her and her colleague, Ms. Prebeck, on securing a presentation spot in this summer’s International Society for Technology in Education conference in Denver, Colorado.

Thank you for all that you do, Ms. Thomas! 

You make us so proud, and we are so lucky to have you on our side.

Want to see Ms. Thomas in action? WATCH here!

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