Techshop Includes 3d Printing Technology for the Masses

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Techshop Includes 3d Printing Technology for the Masses

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Techshop is a chain of workshops that offers a variety of fabrication devices for anyone to work on their projects in exchange for a membership fee. Techshop also offers classes and expert advice in the use of its equipment. Access to some of the equipment requires successful completion of classes in their safe use. Each location has a store where one can purchase raw materials as well as storage for members’ projects and private workshops for an extra nominal fee.

Every Techshop location has equipment that can be found in any machine shop such as welding equipment, sheet metal fabrication equipment, and manual mills. However, TechShops also have 3d printing technology in the form of ProJet HD 3000 3D printers with which they will help create any project one can imagine. The 3D printers use a UV curable acrylic plastic for material.

According to Engadget, Jim Newton, a professor of robotics and a former advisor for the hit show “Mythbusters” created Techshop with a view of bringing access to fabrication technology to the masses. The company service small startup companies, individual inventors, and students who are keen to learn how to use the various machines the company has to offer. Techshop eliminates the huge capital cost for creating a similar facility in house and lowers the barrier for small business to get off the ground.

Currently, Techshops are located in Mid Peninsula, San Jose, and San Francisco in California, Allen Park, Michigan, Round Rock, Texas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chandler, Arizona, and Arlington, Virginia. The company plans to open additional locations, including St. Louis and Los Angeles.

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