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3D Printing Opportunities in Doing More Complex 3D Printing Through Adobe Photoshop

By Staff Writter

3D Printing Opportunities in Doing More Complex 3D Printing Through Adobe Photoshop


3D printing opportunities through graphics programs hasn't been talked about enough, especially through one of the best-known graphics software ever: Adobe Photoshop. It's only been eight months since Adobe first introduced 3D printing capabilities to Photoshop's Creative Cloud suite. When they provided their first round of features, most of it was basic and didn't support all of the latest 3D printer updates. But it was still a big step forward for Adobe in finally allowing amateur and professional graphic designers to become a part of the 3D printing fray.

The most significant first step was being able to place color on 3D objects, plus provide the proper texture. This helped considerably when so many 3D prints can sometimes turn out differently from planned if a user doesn't provide more details on a CAD program.

Adobe also provided the ability for the software to recognize when the 3D project was structurally unsound and automatically provided mesh repair. Plus, they teamed up with MakerBot and Shapeways, which are arguably the biggest names in 3D printers and in 3D printing websites, respectively.

Now Adobe is going forward with more advanced features as a likely continual evolution for Adobe in 3D printing.

What Does Adobe Offer Now?

Throughout this year, Adobe has continually updated their 3D printing features, and now they're adding more complex features this month as a promise of keeping up with changes. Now you can print with newer generation MakerBot printers, print other 3D printing file formats, use improved painting features, plus combine prints.

This gives the indication that Adobe is serious about bringing better features to 3D printing in the home for the long term. And it's going to help a lot of people with home businesses after investing in a 3D printer. As world-changing as 3D printers are, the program you use before printing is going to make all the difference in final results. With Photoshop being the most trusted graphics program in the world, having it from them is a perfect fit.

We'll watch and see if other programs that go even further with 3D printing features pop up to give Adobe competition. While Autodesk is already available with slightly more advanced features, graphic designers being able to print a creation for inspection will change the game in all levels of design.

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