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3D Printing Video Game Characters: The New Dimension of Video Game Figurines

By Staff Writter

3D Printing Video Game Characters: The New Dimension of Video Game Figurines


The idea of 3D printing video game characters has probably been in the mind of many for years considering 3D printing technology has been around for more than three decades. In fact, those who used 3D printing then had the wait of a lifetime to see how it was going to change the world. The only strange thing is how long it took, merely based on cost factors. Now, many consumer 3D printers are capable of printing out toys that are amazingly lifelike thanks to being able to scan an item and print a miniature duplicate.

If printing mini duplicates of our selves is becoming a new trend, the idea of printing a video game character figurine we've created is probably just as enticing. To gamers, the prospect of being able to have a figurine of a self-created video game character adds a whole new dimension to playing video games, and in the realm of creativity.

This is all being made available through a company called ShapeIt that's now starting a Kickstarter campaign to get themselves on their feet. They'll not only print out a video game character you've created online, they'll also print out miniature versions of other figures, including yourself (based on a selfie). It's another extension of printing our own likeness and proudly displaying it on a shelf where they're now designated "shelfies."

But are gamers creating customized video game characters that are based on their own personalities? Some gamers may not admit they're creating a character that matches their own traits, or at least physical traits they wished they had. Being able to print out a character that you've created on your own might come close to the Frankenstein's monster concept without actually being alive.

The only question is how popular printing out a video game character is going to be.

Printing Characters We Create

With CAD programs, who's to say that we won't be printing other characters, like ones we create for novels and other fictional media? Wouldn't it be amazing to create likenesses of characters we create in media and have them fully realized in a full color 3D figurine? Writing fiction might have its own new creative angle being able to realize all the characters beforehand on a 3D printer. It could bring a story to much more vivid life for a writer who can then better translate character descriptions.

In the world of video game character building, there seems to be more pride associated with the process, including marketing opportunities. Many gamers work for months to put together a character. With that philosophy, being able to print the character into reality is probably going to bring some sense of fulfillment that fills a psychological need, plus moneymaking potential.

It's another example of how 3D printing is going to change everything, including minds and creative possibilities for all of us.

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