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New 3D Printing Venture on Kickstarter's Website: A 3D Printer That Prints Sweets

By Staff Writter

New 3D Printing Venture on Kickstarter's Website: A 3D Printer That Prints Sweets


If you look on Kickstarter lately, you'll find a lot of 3D printing ventures there recently that do quite well. While we've written here about 3D printers starting to create edible items, we haven't seen any printers on Kickstarter getting funding. That's obviously because prior printer ventures were perhaps too expensive to realistically have it crowd funded. Things are different now, though, with a new printer that's capable of printing just about any sweet food, from cookies to icing on cakes.

The metaphorical icing on the cake is that this is the most affordable printer capable of printing sweets ever made. Cloyingly called Candy, the printer is only $500 if you donate early. There's no indication this will be the final retail price, though the entire enterprise is going for $100,000 to get the venture off the ground.

Just how comprehensive is the Candy printer? It touts being able to make virtually any kind of food containing sugar. Its extruder is the secret to how it can create virtually any kind of confection. That's because it's capable of handling thick items like peanut butter. However, it's where confectionery ingredients are fed through with ease and without causing technical malfunctions.

With proof of it being easy to use and affordable, is there now a future for a 3D printer in our homes that can make sugary items? Or will it be more relegated to chefs rather than consumers more careful about eating sugar?

Designed for Consumers and Chefs

Razvan Creanga, the creator of the Candy printer, envisions the printer in consumer kitchens as well as in restaurants for chefs. Despite many people more astute to eating sugar and its dangers, it probably won't stop anyone from wanting the Candy printer in their homes for special occasions. It's not hard to imagine someone using one when they need a sugar fix right away, yet don't have time or the money to buy what they want in a store. Especially with the printer capable of making cookies, it could be in constant use within households that can't resist.

It's unknown how well it can hold up since it might be used more often than any other 3D printer on the market. Particularly if used in restaurants or bakeries, one has to hope it has durable parts. Nevertheless, with a few other printers out there printing sugary foods, it might have competition. We're also bound to go to a bakery before long and buy something that was printed on a 3D printer. Ultimately, it may help your local bakery since many of them struggle to make ends meet due to the high cost of buying ingredients.

In the consumer world, owning this printer could even end all the horror stories of the desserts ending up as disasters when entertaining. If the Candy can make us better chefs, it can be yet another notch in 3D printing making us all better than we really are.

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