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READ: 3D Printing Careers in Fashion

By Staff Writter

READ:  3D Printing Careers in Fashion


3D Printing education is taking the fashion world by storm!  While architects and scientists have long known about the many marvelous capabilities that 3D modeling and printing can provide, the technology is now being used by some rather significant clothing and accessory designers.  As a result, 3D printing based careers are becoming more abundant in an industry previously exclusive to only those with high levels of artistic talent and creative vision.

From 3D printed sunglasses, by designer Ron Arab, to athletic shoes from such big-name manufacturers as New Balance, the demand for expert 3D technicians --men and women who can translate the imaginations of fashion designers into fully formed, 3-dimensional, physical products--is rising each year. 

The Hop Pop Factory is now producing a rather impressive line of 3-dimensioanlly printed jewelry.  3D printed bikinis hit the beaches last season.  The ever-popular Project Runway even spotlighted 3D printing in a recent challenge, when contestants were asked to 3D print patterns using special Fabricate material.  

3D printing opportunities in the fashion industry are definitely on the rise!

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