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How Jobs will be Changed by 3D Printing

By Staff Writter

How Jobs will be Changed by 3D Printing

Career Insight and Training

3D printing is set to change how jobs are performed in manufacturing, retail, and other industries. One force that is helping to push 3D printing into a key position is America Makes. America Makes is strengthening the 3D printing industry by combining businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. This cooperative force is moving 3D printing forward and changing how jobs will be performed in the near future.

America Makes

America Makes is an organization that is focused on strengthening America's capabilities in the 3D printing industry. It benefits from the collaboration of hundreds of business leaders, academics and scholars, organizations, and many government agencies working together to establish a firm foundation for building a robust 3D printing industry.

America Makes is committed to encouraging the adoption of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, by the manufacturing sector to strengthen its competitiveness. This is accomplished by supporting an infrastructure of collaboration that allows an open exchange of information and research into 3D printing. It supports the development, testing, and deployment of efficient and adaptable 3D printing technologies. It provides educational institutions with information and research opportunities while also helping businesses with education and training services. It performs its duties as a national institute, and it helps to integrate American businesses with existing public, private, or not-for-profit industrial and economic developmental resources with an emphasis on small to medium sized enterprises and start-ups.

How America Makes Is Changing Jobs

America Makes is changing jobs by pursuing new technologies and opening up opportunities to develop those technologies through educational, financial, and material resources. New jobs will be created in order to support the 3D printing industry, and America Makes is molding the industry into a standard of opportunity. Many people will find that an educational background in design or drafting will be fit to the 3D printing industry by means of computer assisted drawing programs and other software used to create 3D models. People will also find that maintaining 3D printers, developing new and innovative processes for 3D printing, and researching better materials for 3D printing are viable options to study for the near future.

How Manufacturing Will Change

3D printing however will change and is changing how manufacturing jobs are performed. These businesses today rely upon many different services: shipping, logistics, distribution. All of these services are composed of providing raw materials and resources to manufacturers for creating a final product. Instead of waiting for these services, manufacturers can use their own stock of common 3D printing materials, like plastics, to create their own prototypes and end user products. Manufacturers will likely be able to consolidate their costs of materials into one item while still providing the same quality product.

Manufacturing jobs will change because employees will now be involved in the maintenance of the 3D printers, the design of the 3D models, and the assembly of the 3D prints. Instead of one production line being delayed by another, each can be processing their own assembly by printing their consumable components. 3D printing will greatly improve the efficiency of work completed while also providing a growing market of jobs.

3D printing is a new technology that is poised to change how jobs are performed in manufacturings and other industries. This pursuit is supported by America Makes, an organization that serves as the national institute for additive manufacturing. It helps to provide businesses, universities and colleges, and non-profit organizations with the educational tools, materials, and resources for developing, testing, and deploying a 3D printing process. It is working to establish a powerful 3D printing industry in America in order to support a competitive manufacturing sector. Jobs will change with this development, and people will find many new opportunities available to their skills and interests.