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3D Printing Applications Online: What is 3Discovered?

By Staff Writter

3D Printing Applications Online: What is 3Discovered?

Career Insight and Training

Out of all 3D printing applications you can find online, finding ways to sell 3D products to people and make money is becoming one of the most popular endeavors. While many services exist, some producers are becoming skeptical of intellectual property protection.

A site called 3Discovered aims to help in providing better protection while also providing wide commercial distribution of those products so they can be found easier online.

Their business model is thought out in a smart way, and it is one that you might want to consider if you've been wondering about protecting your own 3D-printed invention. At the same time, if you worry about people even finding your item online, the 3Discovered business model can help you avoid getting lost in the shuffle of online searches.

Protecting Your Products

3Discovered assures anyone who uses their service that rights management and licensing will be respected through them and through the users streaming the product. They assure this through safeguarding of the product and making sure the user doesn't end up using your design at places where it can be taken for free.

This is a refreshing business philosophy that's probably going to make 3Discovered a big hit with 3D printer designers. On top of it, they have big plans in the commercialization of those designs through unique distribution methods.

Having Your Products Found

Being found anywhere online is a perpetual challenge, especially when trying to sell a product. 3Discovered will take your product and distribute it to third parties where they can be easily found through online searches. When people search out for your product, they also provide a detailed description so those buying will have an idea of what to expect rather than guessing what it's going to look like.

Currently, they're working with strategic partners to include file-embedded instructions on printing, the materials, and all other data a person purchasing the item would want to know. This includes sending the item digitally in different formats, like STL format, among others.

Gaining with a Fair Price

The moneymaking on 3-printed items is going to be the most important of all to those using the service. 3Discovered has a pricing model that's determined to be fair based on market values. But they're also still working on fine-tuning this through a licensing hub.

Best of all, they promise transparency on their financial books where they keep thorough record of how much you earn and are owed. They're also open on rules and rates so you never have trouble communicating with someone about what kind of price you should set for your 3D-printed products.

It's the type of business model we hope will continue as the selling of 3D-printed inventions continues to advance faster than 3D printing technology has. With intellectual property rights being a strong 3D printing issue in the next few years, having companies setting precedents on protecting those rights is going to be essential for all creatives.