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Careers, training, and educational opportunities tied to 3D printing and STEM/STEAM applications.


Top 5 Careers In 3D Printing

By Staff Writter

Top 5 Careers In 3D Printing

Career Insight and Training

A study conducted by MyCorporation estimated that 3D printing could become a $5.12 billion industry by 2020. The same study found that this industry could see a 14% annual growth until 2017. Businesses like Autodesk and its Pier 9 facility are thriving and 3D printing start-ups are appearing all over the country and contributing to the rise of the 3D printing industry. Why not work for a place like Autodesk? The 3D printing industry has a promising future and there is a wide range of careers in 3d printing.

3D Designer

When clients contact Autodesk with an idea, 3D designers go to work to make it happen. The job of a 3D designer is to make an idea come to life by creating a feasible and affordable design. Designers are hired by 3D printing companies like Autodesk but some of them work as freelancers. The best way to become a 3D designer is to obtain a degree in product design while staying up to date with 3D printing methods.

3D CAD Modeling Specialist

CAD or Computer Aided Design or Drafting is used to create drawings and models. A 3D CAD modeling specialist knows how to create a blueprint from a design. Using CAD comes in handy for engineering projects or printing small parts. You will have to receive training to master CAD and complete your education by specializing in techniques used for 3D printing.

Research And Development Teams

There is a research team at Pier 9 that studies biology as a programmable medium. This is just one example of how research and development and 3D printing are linked. As more products are manufactured thanks to 3D printing, there should be an increased need for R&D teams that specialize in 3D printing, for instance in the world of fashion, toys, household items and tools. Autodesk even has a team of artists in residence who experiment with 3D printing techniques.

Scientific And Medical Modeling Specialists

3D printers are opening new doors for medicine. A team of scientists has already managed to print an external ear and another team is currently working on a 3D printed sleeve that could regulate heartbeat. This new technology is allowing medical experts to craft small customized devices in a variety of materials. A degree in science or medicine will help you get started but you will also need to study 3D printing methods.

Architectural Modeling Specialists

The increasing popularity of 3D printing is changing the way architects and engineers are presenting projects. Instead of working with 2D models and blueprints, these professionals can now turn to 3D printing to present clients with a true to life model of their project. Studying architecture or engineering and specializing in 3D printing should make you a competitive architectural or engineering 3D designer.

Autodesk at Pier 9 and other similar businesses also create a need for other jobs in fields such as consulting, administration, accounting, project management, human resources, legal or customer service. Specializing in 3D printing could open a lot of doors for you, regardless of the field you are interested in.