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'Tis the Season for STEM

By Staff Writter

'Tis the Season for STEM

Science and Math

'Tis the season for GINGERBREAD and working the delicious treat into your family - and CLASSROOM - fun.

Last week, as students across the country anxiously anticipated their upcoming Winter Break, many teachers looked for festive learning activities to keep their classes focused in the midst of such excitement.  3D Printing in School braved the energy-filled hallways of local schools in search of STEM lessons with a seasonal flair.

Scroll down for photos from a few of our favorite STEM-centric wintery lessons. 

Students in Ms. Beir's class had a blast sampling sweets that would soon make up the windows, doors, and decorations on their adorable gingerbread cottages.

Using math strategies to divide all the class treats fairly and equally, students preplanned and worked the 'math problem' out in a variety of different ways. Some used snap cubes or base 10 blocks; others drew pictures or created a table. Finally, groups got to use the actual candies to test their results!

In Ms. Fred’s class, students were tasked with constructing gingerbread houses that matched her lovely class prototype.

Fifth graders from Ms. Bhide’s class and 2nd graders from Mrs. Schooley’s class enjoyed a bit of a seasonal soiree as well!  Their school librarian, Ms. Kalletta, invited both classes to the library for weather presentations.  Though hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards are, indeed, frightful, the share time was so delightful... 
and now that we are officially on winter vacation...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy holidays, all!

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