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Helping the Blind with 3D-Printed Tactile Books

By Staff Writter

Helping the Blind with 3D-Printed Tactile Books


In the field of braille books, blind people frequently have to spend extra money just to acquire one. Another problem is those braille books have to describe a particular picture rather than being tactile in a way that helps a blind person better visualize the image. A man named Tom Yeh from the University of Colorado is inventing a new tactile book printed on a 3D printer that can help blind children better visualize things in a book containing only pictures.

It's a brilliant invention that was produced by simply scanning the picture book and printing out a 3D duplicate made out of plastic. Despite some companies producing similar things, they're much more expensive to produce. But will Yeh find resistance from other companies producing similar things when they realize how inexpensive Yeh's books are?

Tactile Books as New Business Venture

Likely, existing companies producing similar books will link arms with Yeh to produce his books by the millions on 3D printers. In the end, it could recreate yet another part of the community producing tools for disabled children and adults. It also means better education for blind children, plus additional jobs for 3D designers through various fields.

Eventually, just about every industry will have 3D printers mass producing things in an affordable way, plus huge teams needed to run the printers and design for them. This interconnectedness of 3D printing shows how wide-reaching the technology is becoming in helping people lead better lives and have better careers.

Now we'll have to wait and see what 3D printing does next in helping those with disabilities lead more enjoyable lives. We expect the next development to come any time based on how fast 3D printing is evolving on a near weekly basis.

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