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Insights on how 3D printing is moving digital files from the virtual world into the physical world.


A New 3D Printing Service Allows You to Do 3D Printing Wirelessly

By Staff Writter

A New 3D Printing Service Allows You to Do 3D Printing Wirelessly


Have you ever wished for a 3D printing service that could give you the capability to do wireless 3D printing? Despite 3D printing literally changing the world in creating virtually anything with more complexity and efficiency, it's still not a wireless-friendly technology. For many people, that might be frustrating when we expect every piece of tech to have a wireless option.

Now one website service is providing the ability to do 3D printing wirelessly to eliminate complicated setups in order to upload a design. With so many websites now providing 3D designs you can upload to your computer, it does take a lot of time to get things set up so a 3D printer can print the object. This company (called Skyforge) will allow a complete wireless uploading system that can easily be attached to a 3D printer.

The above works through an easy-to-use wireless adapter Skyforge is developing through a Kickstarter campaign. When used, it can upload 3D designs from the site right to a 3D printer so you don't have to worry about going through any complicated processes just to print one thing. Normally, doing a 3D print means having to choose details in the menu for how you want the print to look. It also involves configuring software and also sending all the information from your computer to the printer.

While it can be well worth it after something gets printed, printing with wires is definitely a slower process. Will Skyforge manage to make wireless 3D printing a mainstream endeavor in another year or two?

Making Wireless 3D Printing Easy

The beauty of the Skyforge wireless adapter is that it's nearly one step to send all the files you need to the printer. It's an eye-opening procedure that's sure to start catching on fast in a world wanting wireless technology in everything. When it's proven to be easy besides, 3D printing by consumers will take off even further than it already has. That's especially true for those who want to upload 3D designs from the Internet on their home-based 3D printer and have it printed in shorter amounts of time.

We all know that everything in technology gets faster over time. The time it takes to set up a print may happen within seconds thanks to wireless technology finally arriving in the 3D printing market. This isn't to say many now investing in 3D printers for the home haven't paid attention to the potential of it being wireless later. Yet, with the wow factor still being in place for 3D printing in the home, wireless 3D printing probably has some time to grow before the public starts wanting it en masse.