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Insights on how 3D printing is moving digital files from the virtual world into the physical world.


3D Printing Info: 3D Printing Pens Are Now Creating Workable Drones

By Staff Writter

3D Printing Info: 3D Printing Pens Are Now Creating Workable Drones


Some of the greatest 3D printing info coming out of the media lately shows the amazing things being created on a 3D printer. Not covered enough are some of the equally amazing things being created on the technology's variations. One of those off-branches is the 3D printing pen that can literally create a full dimensional product in thin air by merely pressing a button on the pen's body.

One of the best 3D printing pens on the market is currently the 3Doodler that managed to bring in well over $2 million during a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. It sold people on the idea that something resembling a hot glue gun could do more than just create flimsy items of no consequence.

In their demonstration, they were able to show just what could be created using the same principles as a regular 3D printer. The thought of taking a pen and being able to create in thin air has always been a fantasy of many. Now that proof is coming out the fantasy is becoming a compelling reality, will 3D printing pens become just as popular as regular consumer 3D printers?

What's moving 3D pens forward is a recent creation by an independent engineer who managed to create a hexagon-shaped drone. Otherwise known as a hexacopter, it follows on the heels of other recent 3Doodler creations that involved creating a plastic model of a human skeleton, plus remote-controlled airplanes and cars.

All the excitement over the above drone is in the realization of how complicated it is to create such a thing so it operates successfully. The fact that it was created with a 3D pen is a major breakthrough for the technology and obviously gives validation to those who gave those millions to the 3Doodler in its Kickstarter fund drive.

With this success, we could see a sudden shift in what becomes the most popular in 3D printing technology.

Bringing 3D Printer Pens to Schools

In the last year, we've seen a huge drive to bring 3D printers into public schools so kids can learn from them and create things. Will 3D pens be the next 3D printing technology to end up in school art classes? Imagine giving those pens to creative kids and letting them create things that would have been impossible in any art class before now. With sophisticated technology now being created with 3D pens, it's more than possible they could usurp regular printers in popularity within another decade.

But that wouldn't be surprising since the evolution of all technology usually means things turning out differently than what we predict. 3D technology will have those shifts, plus other variations on things we didn't expect. It's all going to benefit us in the long run by helping us become more creative and efficient in the things we produce.