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$3 for 3D Printing

Do you have $3 to donate to the next big move in the STEM revolution?
If YES, please donate HERE.

Since our founding, in June 2015, 3D Printing in School has received great moral support and encouragement from the teachers and staff at our Spotlight School, Liberty Elementary, as well as our own friends, families, & colleagues. Numerous supporters of 3D Printing in School's mission took time out of their schedules to participate in surveys and collaboration events during the construction of our nonprofit's website, and many still continue to share their experiences and best practices in STEM instruction with us - plus nominate STEM Students of the Week for recognition on our site.  

As January approaches, we are pushing to begin our first fundraising efforts. Donations made via the 3DPrinting.Org website to the 3D Printing in School charity will do wonders to expand our organization's reach.

Please consider using our website's donation portal to make a donation of $3 or more. 

+ Firstly, your donations will help us to secure and place 3D printers for use in Spotlight Schools, like Liberty Elementary, where children in grades k-5 are learning to master 3D technologies, make replicas of geological formations from science class, design and print patterns to accompany math lessons, and engineer fun, new inventions like 'adaptation figures'.  

+ Secondly, your donations will help us to compile, print and deliver 3D Printing in School's monthly newsletter, "Make Something Awesome," to over 5,000 STEM students!

+ Finally, your donation will help to ensure that our website remains up and running and that students, teachers, and families can celebrate their STEM successes with our web community and share their passion and plans for 3D printing in the classroom more efficiently and effectively.

​Do you have $3, $30, $300 to donate to our mission of securing a 3D printer for every school?
Please donate HERE


Suggested donations are $3, $30, or $300.  Those who donate $300+ to our inaugural fundraiser will be recognized in the 3D Printing in School newsletter, "Make Something Awesome."